Huntrex 320 is a section 21 registered non-profit organisation whose focus is the provision of tools that will uplift disadvantaged women in business. The goal is to assist in the transformation and expansion of women entrepreneurs from informally run businesses into enterprises that will generate employment, uplift the community and result in
economic benefits.


To become a centre of excellence for the socio-economic empowerment of disadvantaged women.


To nurture, restore, empower and develop women entrepreneurs through capacity building, business training, mentoring and peer learning programmes which will effectively allow them to lead their own business enterprises. These women will transform the economic and societal fabric of South Africa.


Women led businesses throughout South Africa, whose owners should:
  • Be a woman owner of an already created business that in itself has a strong development potential or a young graduate with an original and interesting project;
  • Possess a motivation to expand her business;
  • Demonstrate a commitment to participating in all phases of the programme and assisting future developments of the programme;
  • Have a good working knowledge of the English language.


Through the development of these business and social leaders, as well as the creation of their successful business enterprises, ordinary South African women will have the opportunity to achieve sustainable livelihoods, improve social conditions and alleviate poverty through wealth creation.
Objectives include:
  • Capacity building for women entrepreneurs:
  • Fostering business creation among women entrepreneurs:
  • Improving women entrepreneurs access to financial resources:
  • Improving women entrepreneurs access to technology:
  • Enhancing the business knowledge of women entrepreneurs:
  • Fighting poverty and contributing to South Africa’s development.
Huntrex 320 provides the women with programmes whose outcomes include:
  • Business Development: From informal SME to medium Size enterprises;
  • Equipping and empowering through Training: Statutory and regulatory, managerial, financial, sector customized material, process and structure training;
  • Supporting: Identifying individual business needs, proving leads and relevant contacts, networking;
  • Mentoring: Partnering with successful businesswomen for real life experience.
The Huntrex 320 team are committed to environmental and social sustainability. Beneficiaries identified will be trained to run their businesses using sound environmental and social management practices in order to ensure the long-term success of their enterprise, the project as well as the community within which they live.

Agnes Hove Chiweshe: MSc, BBA, Dip GN
Lynette Villet: MSc, BSc (hons), Dip Ed


For more information:
Contact: Agnes Hove Chiweshe
+27 72 406 8143
Huntrex 320,
P O Box 786920,
Sandton, 2146,

Agnes Hove Chiweshe

Agnes is a Business Strategist with a Masters Degree in Strategic Management from the University of Derby (UK), a Bachelor of Business Administration degree, and various diplomas, including one in Marketing. . She has over 15 years experience in senior level consulting across a diversity of stakeholders, ranging from Non-governmental organizations to all sizes and types of private entities. Her experience ranges from Strategic planning and implementation, to Change Management, Communications Strategy, Strategic alignment, Organizational Development, Performance enhancement and leadership development. Agnes will project manage this engagement from initiation to completion whilst simultaneously providing subject matter expertise on women empowerment and entrepreneurship.

Lynette Villet

Lynette is a lecturer and IT professional with a Masters Degree in Mathematics, a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and a Diploma in Education. She has sixteen years of experience in IT where responsibilities ranged from development to business analysis and project and specialist team management and then to IT Management consulting. She currently works with a large IT Systems Development Shop working with various tools and strategies to improve governance, capability maturity and productivity. Lynette is analytically strong, excellent at problem solving and the application of theories and solutions to specific examples. She is people-oriented and yet results-driven.